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Please login to Student Pulse with your Student Pulse Code and go to tickets. If they don’t display there please get in touch with the details of the performance, date and time. Please also provide your email address used for the transaction and the transaction ID. We will come back to you as soon as possible. If the event is taking place within the next 48 hours please complete this contact form.
No, the tickets are not refundable. Please see the full Terms and conditions here.
Yes, tickets offered via Student Pulse are for Students only. You need to have a valid Student ID and you need to bring it with you to the performance.
If you have a problem with the transaction please note the event/ performance, date/time of the transaction, the transaction ID, your Student Pulse Code and your email address used for the transaction. With these details we will be able to track your transaction and reply asap. Attach and send your details by completing this contact form.
The tickets are allocated after purchase automatically as the seats are available. There is no way for us to change or allocate the seats.

Feel free to contact the venue Box office to re-allocate seating.

If purchasing more than 1 ticket, seats are allocated in sequence and in snake pattern where possible. It depends on the event and venue. We have a lot of group bookings and additionally the partners will always do their best on the night to accommodate.
Providing you have sufficient points on your account, yes you can. Simply fill out the contact form with Student Pulse code, full name, mobile number and the reward you'd like to claim. After acknowledgement it will take 5 - 10 working days to receive the voucher.
Yes, you can register a non-UK mobile.
The ticket selection is as they are available (usually the next available seat in the row). This means it is NOT guaranteed you will get all of them together. We recommend you check with the Box office at the venue if you'd like to have them moved together.
You will receive a Ticket Confirmation Email. On the night of the concert, present this to collect your physical ticket(s) from the venue box office.
Some concerts are offered as 'Best available' or 'General' seats, this means you will find out your final seating on the night of the concert after collecting your tickets at the box office.
Yes as long as they are a student and you will need to contact the venue box office beforehand to make them aware of the name change on the tickets and booking.